Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dah Lama tak Update Blog ni

Soory ..its too long not review all this matters.. its too busy right now!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

DCL CONFINE MUM SET /Set asas Bersalin DCL

Hanya dengan RM 240 je..utk anda nikmati satu set bersalin yang eksklusif lagi menyenangkan...cepat utk sembuhkan luka bersalin, luka operation..tak perlu lagi minum air akar kayu dan makan jamu yang pahit lagi kelat..sumernyer telah terbukti berkesan!

Set lengkap bersalin DCL terdiri daripada :-

1) Red Guara Cafe
- membantu meningkatkan bekalan oksigen dalam badan (pernafasan)
- menambah kebolehan mendapatkan tenaga
- meningkatkan kesan hormon
- membuang angin dalam badan
16 sachet X 20gm RM19.80

2) Be-One Multi Gel
- membantu memecahkan lemak (perampingan)
- menghilangkan selulit
- memulih sengal-sengal badan dan sakit sendi
- membantu memanaskan badan
- baik untuk tujuan mengurut
- menghilangkan 'stretch mark' atau kesan di perut akibat mengandung
- boleh juga dijadikan sebagai param
100 gm RM44.50

3) Madu Amazing
- menyumbang kepada pembinaan kesihatan yang baik
- memberi tenaga segera, stamina dan daya fikir
- menyembuh luka-luka dalaman dan luka akibat pembedahan
- memulihkan fungsi system peranakan
- kuatkan struktur darah
290 mg RM45.00

4) Bidadari
- kandungan madu dapat membekalkan tenaga yang diperlukan dan mempertingkatkan system imunisasi badan
- sirih mengatasi masalah angin dalam badan, lemah badan, membantu membina rahim dan sistem peranakan
- kacip fatimah, menguatkan rahim serta mengetatkan faraj
- akar serapat baik untuk membina rahim, mengetatkan faraj dan meningkatkan system kemutan

- kurma membaiki system saraf, tekanan, meningkatkan tenaga seksual
- manjakani dapat membantu mengatasi keputihan, anti kanser dan mengetatkan faraj
- asam jawa dapat membantu pengeluaran peluh dan melangsingkan badan

- jarum emas mampu meningkatkan kesihatan dan tenaga seksual
250 ml RM53.00

5) Nu Age
- mempertingkatkan ketahanan badan
- mempermudah dan percepatkan proses pengaliaran air dalam badan
- mempercepatkan proses penyembuhan
- membantu sel menjadi normal - membekal oksigen terhadap sel
- menambah daya tahan semulajadi
- menambah keupayaan seksual
- mengurangkan keletihan dan menambah tenaga sewaktu menyusukan bayi
- meningkatkan semua fungsi organ system badan

- berupaya menambah air susu badan
15 sachet X 3gm RM78.00

UNTUK order/ tempahan: just email: bigmugcash@gmail.com

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Home Party-DCL

Last week , i had organized my dcl home party ..sooo excited. . my CA( Crown Ambasadors) CA Azhan n his wife Kak Sophie come over to my house..all my friends and family was invited as guest..

Here, we conducted demostration of product like nuage, intecleanse or clonz cleanz, bidadari..it really enjoyable..ABAh as my chairman was conducted Oxipy D' ionik water demostration.. I like it..
We build and share knowledge all about DCL healthy product ..

the part that i'm very surprised was the treatment of water..do you know? the carbonat drink such like pepsi soda, coke, or else is contained high acid and sugar..it like poison when we already taken it as our drinking water..it really surprised when abah put 3ml water solution into the pepsi soda..the coloured had changed to RED...the Ph of water is 4..it is poison..oh my God!!..i dont want to take the bicarbonat drinking water anymore..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DCL-Healthy Product , Quality and Innovative product, Halal, no side effect. Fair Price.


Step 1: Cleaning Of intentines / pencucian usus
Step 2: Burning of Cholestrol in the blood/ pembakaran kolestrol
Step 3: Building of the body immune system/ pembinaan sistem imunisasi tubuh
Step4: Expulsion of toxins/ penyingkiran toksik
Step 5 : CNS Correction/ Pembetulan CNS (saraf)


Step 1 : Inte-cleanse & Clon Clenz 20 capsules ( RM 48.00 -malaysian only USD 45.00 -worldwide )
-traditionally used to help clean and streghten the intestine improve, bowel movement, relieve costipation.
-help to improve low metabolism, aids digestion and low hormon level.
-acts through the elimination of waste matter from th ebody rerulting in the reduction of faecal deposits in
the colon.

Step 2 : ryILEX 40 capsules (RM 58.00 malaysian USD 50.00)
- formulated by herbal and alternative medicine specialist based on indepth R&D.
-Proven to be very effective to:
1. burn cholestrol in blood and soften hardened blood vessels
2. open blood vessels and prevent stroke
-recommend to be used by heart patients, stroke and those suffering form hardening of the Carotid arteries

Step 3 : Amazing Nutrition Drink - 290 gm (RM 45.00 -malaysian USD 42.00- worldwide)
- special product comprising of 9 natural essential ingredients namely:
pure honey, raisins, fig, red dates, nigella sative, olive, angelica, sonnopsis pilosula, smilax myositiflora,
other selected herbs.
-traditional medication recipe with abiltyto build up body immunization and reform intestine/colon
-increase regeneration of new tissue thus healing the kidney and cartilage that produces the sinovia fluid.

Step 4: Oxy Pi D'ionik (350 ml per bottle) ( RM 3.95 -malaysian USD 5.00)
- alive with vital energy and inflused with Vital oxygen
-High pH -detoxification (acidosis)
-Ion hydroxyl- anti oxydant and neutralizing free radicals.
-the smallest water molecules and minerals in the shape of hexagon and ions makes absorption power the highest.
-efficient in balancing pH level in the body.
-is alkaline (ph 8.5- ph 9.5) very effective in balancing acidity that could lead to obesity, also reduction of body flat, balances acidity in the kidney workload.

STEP 5: D-gnius (Children) / 80 tablets ( RM 39.50 -malaysian USD 38.80-worldwide)
E-gnius ( Adults ) / 90 tablets ( RM 48.00 -malaysian USD 45.00 -worldwide)
- tissue salty in D-gnius and E-gnius enhances brain potential to control body activities also our mind
-is proven to nourish the brain (increase brain cell functions) by stimulating the axiomatic and axsodendritic neuron cells, ultimately increasing functioning of the Central Nervous System (CNS).

For more request or enquire just email me: bigmugcash@gmail.com

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DCL Testimonial Ahmad Syahir b. Ismail @ A. Razak, 11 years old

Problems :
Swollen leg.
Products taken : Inter-cleanse, Ry-Ilex, Oxi-Pi D’Ionik, Amezing, Nu-age and Nig’ Ella.

In August 2005 his illnes started to prevaill.

Within 1 month later he was admitted and went for a major opertaion. It did not stop there, later in May 2006 his left foot started to swell untill he was bed ridden.

In November 2006 he started taking DCL prodcuts and amazingly within 4 months later he started walking again.

DCL Testimonial Abdul Rashid bin Abdul Rahim, 8 years old

Problems : Accident wounds.
Product taken : Inter-cleanse, Ry-Ilex, Oxi-Pi D’Ionik, Nu-age, dan D~Bless

Accident occured in November 2006 and started receiving intense medical treatment for a month. The doctors recomended to undergo plastic surgery and 3 of the fingers needed to be taken off and on top of that wires needed to replace lost ligamens.

God bless him as he was introduced to use DCL products and within 3 weeks of using DCL products the major operation was called off. The doctors was amazed of the fast healing process.

DCL Testimonial Mohd Hanip Bin Ramli, 24 years old

Problems : Fractures and Accident wound.
Product Taken : Amazing dan Oxy-PI.

Because of the accident his legs fractured badly and both had to be amputated as a surgical measure, to control the pain in the affected limb. As a result one introduced to DCL only one leg was really needed medical treatment whereby steel was inserted to his right leg and the other heals by itself after 2 months using DCL products.

DCL Testimonial Ahmad Mizwar Akhbar bin Mazlin, 6 years old

Problems : Skin sore.
Products taken : Inte-Cleanse, ry-Illex, Amazing, Oxy-PI, D-Brain dan D-Bless

4 years suffering of skin sores both hands and legs finally comes to and end.

A lot of effort was put in to find the most suitable antidote untill he was introduce to DCL products. Again within 6 weeks of apllying this special products the problem started to heal and dry up.


Congratulations to you who choose the unique and righteous business of DCL. As a distributor of DCL, you have actually started you first step to the world that offers financial freedom and better future.

Multi-Level Marketing business is a business of the new millennium. Thus, MLM industry has excelled the free-trade market these days. DCL’s Marketing Plan offers its supremacy; a just and a unique plan, profitable and reachable. The combination of prestigious natural health and beauty products which have proven their effectiveness means that you are doing the noble deeds to flourish the world.

This offer is a double-victory situation :

  1. Improve the human’s health
  2. Tremendous income from our just and unique plan

Stepping into this world of victory, first, choose to be victorious and then, develop your unlimited potential with DCL. Then, keep moving forward without giving any excuses to yourself, but one, “Why do you have to join DCL business with total commitment”.

Remember, two major reasons why many network marketers fail :

  1. Refuse to start immediately
  2. Give up easily
Therefore, act now and avoid procrastination, since delaying never work. Have your action plan ready, use your Monthly Activity Calendar, and make a routine of writing things to do for the next day before you go to bed. Act based on your daily activity calendar. Analyze your monthly performance and continue after making necessary adjustments. Success will definitely be in your hand. Let’s pray so that, together, we can realize our dream. Your moment of success begins here.


Welcome to the world of financial freedom and motivational lifestyle of DCL, and let’s say good bye to the stressful life. Nowadays, most of the people in this world depend only on salary to plan for their future. Thus, financial freedom remains unreachable to them.

However, there are people who succeed in upgrading themselves and gain the financial freedom. They don’t possess magic wand or Alladin’s lamp, for sure. Those who succeed are those who use their “rights to choose”, granted by The Almighty, and they made the right choice.

Those who succeed are those who encounter opportunities and grab them. Those who can’t see the opportunities or just make an attempt to change their destiny with those opportunities will surely fail.

The whole world is watching an enormous current brought by multi level marketing with a phenomenal turnover of USD 100 billion and it’s still growing. Malaysia and the whole Pacific Asia show the same phenomena with multi-billion growth in this industry.

Therefore, DCL will always be a ride for you to reach your destiny. With ‘justice for the consumers and distributors’ as our base, we will always provide attractive and innovative plans for you.

Believe it, with high spirit and courage, nothing is unchangeable. Let’s rise with DCL and make this day as the starting point of the meaningful life. Do your best today for the brighter future. Let’s walk to success. Wake the sleeping giant up. Be a real fighter, be a real hero with full of confidence.

Don’t ever let your lack of confidence bury your dream. And, don’t wait until you know everything to start. Those who reach their destinations are those who have started the journey. Knowledge and confidence will grow along with the process of acting. Start with what you have today, because you won’t find a day that you really are prepared. Move forward and don’t ever let others pass you fears and doubts to make a change.

Remember, real fighters have no fear of challenges or failures, since challenges and failures are pre-requisites of a success.